Current News: Good Vibes Sex Summit


The Panelists and Keynote Speakers

Recently I read an article about the 2012 Good Vibrations Sex Summit in San Francisco on October 27th ( Good Vibrations is a sex-positive, women-owned, women-oriented sex toy company in San Francisco and this was the first summit that they hosted, although they have hosted numerous other events during their 35 years of business. The speakers at the summit ranged from sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen, to Maggie Mayhem, a sex educator and porn star, to Yoseñio V. Lewis, a transman who educates people about the difficulties that trans* people face in regards to healthcare, and many more.

One of the things I liked most about the summit was the discussion on the media and its role in creating sex stereotypes. It is often talked about how the media can influence people’s perceptions of body image, but it’s less often discussed how the media can influence people’s ideas about sexuality and ways to have sex. Another thing that I enjoyed about the summit was that it was inclusive of multiple identities. From what I can learn from the article, there was a majority of white, middle-class, heterosexual speakers, but it did include a few people of color and LGBTQ individuals. These different intersections of identities can greatly impact one’s perception of an issue, and therefore it is extremely important that the summit included these diverse viewpoints in order to give a more inclusive look at the topic of sex-positivity.

These sex positive summits are extremely important because they bring in experts on sex-positivity from all over, as well as a crowd of people who are both knowledgeable about and interested in this topic. What this does is create a dialogue about the issues that were addressed between the speakers and the people who attended, and this dialogue can then be carried on after the summit is over, fostering more sex-positive conversations and knowledge all over.

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